Enlist Your Kittens

In the Kitten Army!


How can your cat get involved?


Send me a pic and I'll make a wicked animated GIF and add your kitty to the ranks of the growing Kitten Army.


Email me: enlistmykitty@makeakittenarmy.com

New recruits will be amazingly posted on my tumblr: http://makeakittenarmy.tumblr.com/


1. I am not building an email list or anything like that. I will keep your email info as private as I can.

2. I will do my best to notify people when their awesome GIFS are ready. But, I can't guarantee how fast I'll be. For sure, though it'll be up on the site at some point!

3. Kittens and cats only... or especially cute Rabbits for the auxiliary brigade.

4. Don't be BASTARDS and spam me.

5. Like this site and/or my style, you can check out my other stuff and that sort of jazz at www.wingedbeastoutfitters.com.

6. Property owners: sorry about the stickers.